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Brick brings lasting value to your building, no matter which style you choose. Hughes Masonry has worked hard to achieve a leadership position in the masonry industry. We want to continue to maintain this position with quality work.

We provide our customers with the desired brick shapes and shape systems, as well as custom shapes, in order to achieve interesting design detailing. Offering quality work and quality products is very important to us.

Face brick

Hughes Masonry uses handmade, molded, extruded and glazed brick to give our customers their desired design and meet demanding construction specifications. From prior planning to the final construction, we will work closely with you. Hughes Masonry uses face brick which includes a full range of colors and sizes.

Brick Shapes

Brick is a building material which can be used in wide variety of designs. Hughes Masonry can help you find the right design for you with standard and custom shapes. Hughes Masonry uses manufactures extruded, molded and handsome shapes and shape systems. Shapes are available to meet your design needs with face brick and paving brick. We want to work with you to design and build custom brick shapes.

Paving Brick

The quality of solid, paving brick offers design flexibility, strength and durability. Paving bricks are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes for both interior and exterior applications. Special shapes are also available for step treads, copings and other design applications.